Ministries at DC.


The DC Makerere Finance Ministry provides the church with useful information and tools as the church prepares to make important decisions for its finance and facility needs.

The ministry has for many years assisted the church in obtaining financing for their building and other needs; the ministry has also assisted the church to plan for its financial future.

Special Projects

The main aim of this ministry is to keep you updated with our progress in various endeavors going on in and around DC Makerere.

The ministry has increased the church’s efforts to meet the needs in its own backyard by evaluating the programs already in existence, creating new ones and making every effort to know the individual recipients in its area. DC Makerere’s many programs allow everyone to benefit in one way or another because we believe we are one big family.


The communications committee is the technical committee on all matters of internal & external communications.

This ministry is expected to research, develop and deliver appropriate communication through the various media options i.e. print, electronic and others.

It is responsible for recording, editing, packaging and packing, and marketing church products. Communications ministry is also responsible for marketing the church and its programs.



Our vision is to create a beautiful, safe, clean and conducive environment that enhances the worship life of the church at DC Makerere Hill.

The Estates department is currently headed by Mr. Peter Kiyimba Kisaka, the deacon in charge of Estates working under and in consultation with the elder in charge of environment, Dr. Paddy Musana and the Church Administrator.

Good Samaritan

The Good Samaritan Ministry at DC Makerere exists to help encourage and build up this church’s investment in a variety of local ministries to our immediate community.

We believe that our words and actions should reflect the truth behind the parable of the Good Samaritan in which Jesus clearly challenges His followers to show mercy to a world in need.

It’s our duty therefore to call up every member of the DC Makerere to be involved in serving our community and Nation in the name of the Lord.


Welfare and Hospitality ministry at DC Makerere combines both physical and spiritual needs we carry this out with a genuine heart of care and love.

This department does not just provide food and drinks during church programs, we do much more than this; our responsibility includes welfare of the church members and the community.

We organize home visits and offer comfort to members their families where need be. We also supply to the needy basic needs after consultations with the other church leaders and members.


People go to church for various reasons; for some it’s a routine, others are heavy laden and need to experience God’s supremacy in their lives (are in such of a miracle) while some are amazed by God’s blessings in their lives and just come to give thanks.

No matter the reason, what all these people have in common is the need to feel welcome when they enter God’s temple.

Community Units

These are small groups (fellowships) comprising of church members from the same locality. Besides helping members to know each other, these community units keep the flock in spiritual light outside church sessions but in the comfort of their homes.

Community units are characterized by teachings and counseling sessions. Basic doctrines of faith (including mission statement, vision, core values) are also taught.

There are currently 36 community units (CU) groups in Deliverance Church-Makerere hill. These include:


This ministry carries out missionary work through crusades mainly. Many people have made decisions to Christ through the works of our different missions.

We have reached places where people have never even hard of the name Jesus the true God we also walk through small villages to do one-on-one evangelism and to pray for the sick.


One of the reasons we exist in this place, is to bring people to the Kingdom of God.

Evangelism is purposed through sending people out to evangelize to the world beginning with their community. It’s about taking heed of the authority in God’s word.

Our target this year is to add 100 people to the Church.

We shall also recruit an evangelism full time personnel, and put an effective class Discipling Programme.