The test of true love

Sermon Date: 
Sunday, June 27, 2010

Relating with a mother-in-law is challenging and the calling to be one is special. It brings out the ultimate test of true love. The Christian life is a life of relationship- between God and Man. The passage in Ruth 1: 1-19 talks of a relationship between Naomi and her daughters-in-law, all widowed and living in difficult times in Israel. With the differences in age, culture and personality, Naomi, Ruth and Orpah had a challenging relationship. But the two young Moabite women still loved Naomi and wanted to go with her back to Israel. Naomi’s relationship with her daughters in law was an extra ordinary one. She was a mentor, a friend and they looked up to her.

The greatest law in the Kingdom of God centers on relationship, relationship with man and with God.
Compare and contrast between Orpah and Ruth and their relationship with Naomi
-Ruth and Orpah were both attached to Naomi because they found some qualities in her that they were are attracted to Vs. 10.
-Both wanted to go with Naomi
-Both kissed Naomi, wept and pledged to go with her the first time she bid them farewell.

Every relationship moves along with the emotions. You cannot love without having emotions involved. A time of testing true love will always come. It is at this point that perseverance comes in. These two ladies are a representation of the two kinds of Christians in the church today. Their levels of commitment and perseverance vary.

Naomi explains again to these two ladies the circumstances surrounding them showing them that they need to go to their parents. Both ladies weep again and they both kiss their mother in law but Orpah eventually bids Naomi goodbye.

  • 1. The Orpah Christian enjoys the normal day to day Christian life but when adversities come will bid salvation farewell.
  • Ruth too was tested by Naomi but the difference is in the response she gave- perseverance.
  • The Ruth kind of Christian is disciplined unlike the Orpah Christian who if scolded for indiscipline or when the things get tough he/she will bid Christ farewell. When Naomi could not push Ruth further she decided to take her with her. Indiscipline can be very dangerous especially if it grows as a spiritual problem. In Uganda the disorder corruption, refuse and dirt is a discipline issue.
  • The Ruth type of Christian is disciplined, she does not just weep about the adversities but goes ahead to make a commitment and act on it like Ruth did.
  • They are loving and teachable; ready to adjust everything for the sake of the relationship.
  • They are available at all times
  • They fellowship and give service.
  • They are dependable
  • They are humble and hardworking- Ruth was a gleaner.
  • They are people of integrity, ready to venture out into strange places in faith.
    So which type of Christian are you?!